Original Artwork

Original artwork requires conservation materials and  knowledge of proper and current preservation techniques. These techniques change over time  - pieces framed years ago should be reviewed - cardboard backing and paper mats which are destructive to the art should be removed.

Multiple Openings 

We can create an arrangement to display newspaper clippings - a series of photos - awards - with a variety of mats and opening shapes. Bring in the pieces and see what we can help you create. We can add plaques that  personalize or add explanations to the piece.

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Needle Art

We block and stretch needleart and offer an array of options for framing these works of art. If glazing is used, it should never touch the fabric. Needleart is never glued - all  mounting methods used are archival and reversible


Shadow boxes can be created to display a multitude of items from a child's christening gown to a WWII veteran's medals and photos . We have created Super bowl memories - a collage of school memorabilia - any object can be framed and displayed to preserve the objects and the memories they represent.

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Memorabilia and Mementos 

Rather than be stored in a drawer, your mementos and memorabilia can be preserved and displayed. We will work with you to create an interesting arrangement in either a frame or a shadowbox. Preserve family history with the archival  framing  of old photographs or papers such a letters or wedding certificates.

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 Sports Memorabilia

  We offer either custom framing  sports jerseys -    signed   by   your favorite player or your child's      high   school football jersey.  When custom         framed,   the  garments are sewn in place.   Additional   items such as photos, hats or tickets can be   added shadow boxes to create an interesting   collage. The readymade  frames have hangers   that are used to display the garments. These   frames can also be customized with   coordinating  mats and adding photos and other   items to the display. We recommend UV glazing   for all autographed memorabilia.

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